I am not a neat crafter or sewer, I often mess up, and rarely follow the instructions. But I DO it, and I love it, and in the end, it (usually) ends up looking pretty good. I'll usually tell you what I messed up on a project, so that you can try something different.
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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Photojojo! We find the best photo shiz anywhere
Photojojo is this really cool website for all sorts of things photography related. But over the holiday's, they posted this article, about re-using film canisters.
Now I really wish I hadn't thrown all mine out!

p.s. I didn't get paid or compensated in any way for posting this - I'm just a huge fan of the site!

Monday, January 2, 2012

FINALLY - lets get this going!

Finally, here it is! The 1st post on the new blog.
I would have gotten to it sooner, but my computer decided a good present for me, would be for it to stop connecting to our WiFi - making it quite hard to post to my blog. Luckily, my hubby has a perfectly working laptop, so I'm able to still get things done.

This was the first project I did, that pretty much got this whole thing started. Its an idea from Organizing Made Fun, and her 31 Days to {Cheaply} Organize Your Home series.
It also just happened, that this worked out perfectly with my job as Calendar Editor, for XYZ Magazine. We were working on our winter issue, and needed a piece for our Environmental Parenting section, and this just fit. What's posted here, is the companion How-To I posted to our website. Someday, I may post the actual article.
So here it is -

How to make cardboard boxes, into Catch-All's

In my ongoing quest to get my house organized, I came across a website (Organizing Made Fun) that suggested covering boxes with fabric, to create “catch-all” boxes for any room around the house. I decided to start with something for my kids, since they have the most stuff.
I started out with diaper boxes – we already had loads of those lying around, and we’d already used them for whatever we could think of – storage, toy containers, even trash cans.
Using hot glue, I glued all the flaps to the outside of the box (I figured it would add more stability to the edges), then using the handle as a guide, cut a dip in one side.
(that's my hubby's hand)

I hot glued fabric to all sides, including the bottom – making sure to cover the hole in the bottom, so little things wouldn't fall out. For the dip, I cut strips almost to the box, then glue them down. (There has to be a better way to do this, because none of mine turned out to 'pretty'.) I also made sure to add extra fabric to the back inside of the box, purely for aesthetics. (Theoretically, when you look at it from the front, then you don't see cardboard.)

I repeated all of that three times so that I had a box for each of my kids. The fabrics I chose reflected the child, and contained their favorite colors. I printed out each of the kids’ names in a fun font and ‘laminated’ (use packing tape, cover both sides & trim) each name. I purchased small Velcro circles – the only new item – and attached them to the box.
The boxes now reside right inside our front door – where each child has easy access to toss whatever they want into it. They put all their papers from school in the boxes, which has greatly reduced the clutter on my desk, and allows me to go through the boxes when I have time.

If you don’t happen to have extra fabric lying around, you can also use paper grocery sacks (let the kids each decorate their own), wrapping paper, construction or drawing paper, newspaper, etc., anything that can be glued to the boxes to make them a little more decorative. The boxes could be used in rooms to hold toys, stuffed animals or socks, in bathrooms for toilet paper, in kitchens for hot pads & towels – the options are endless.

SO, there is is! Please - try it yourself! Come back and tell me how it went, or improvements you made. Share pictures too - I'll even post them here for all to see if you'd like!