I am not a neat crafter or sewer, I often mess up, and rarely follow the instructions. But I DO it, and I love it, and in the end, it (usually) ends up looking pretty good. I'll usually tell you what I messed up on a project, so that you can try something different.
I'd love to hear about your projects, or your ideas, so please leave comments, or email me.

About Me & this Blog

About Me
I'm a stay-at-home mom of 3; 2 of my own, and a step-daughter who I've known over 1/2 her life now. I love my little family, and they are always my top priority.
I started a website for local parents in 2007, called Topeka Parents. Its an information website, connecting parents in Topeka, and helping promote all sorts of events and local businesses. I added a Facebook page in about 2008, and now have over 2,000 parent 'friends', as who knows how many who haven't joined as a friend, and just see the public posts.
In 2010, I was approached by the editor of XYZ Topeka magazine, and was asked to be their calendar editor. Its been a blast working for them!
When I'm not doing all that, I love to knit, sew, take pictures, make all sorts of crafts and find new places to take my kids & have fun.

About the Blog
It all started with THIS post on Organizing Made Fun, a blog I stumbled upon when researching cheap & easy ways to organize my home.
That same week, we had a contributors meeting for XYZ Topeka, and needed an Environmental Parenting piece. Since I was already planning on making fabric covered boxes, I offered to turn it into an article (with some additions). As I did some further research, I realized this was going to quickly outgrow the 500 word limit for the article. At 1st I asked if I could write a companion web piece, but it kept growing.
The more I researched, the more I realized 2 things.
1) There are very few blogs, dedicated to ReUse - pretty much none in my local area.
2) There are SO many ideas out there, and SO many that I want to do AND share!
Thus, this blog was born. The 1st posts belong in & on XYZ, so it will be a while before there is a lot of info here, but I have plenty of links for you to check out in the meantime.
Don't forget to follow me or subscribe, so you can keep up to date when I go 'live' - after the New Year!

Thanks for reading,