I am not a neat crafter or sewer, I often mess up, and rarely follow the instructions. But I DO it, and I love it, and in the end, it (usually) ends up looking pretty good. I'll usually tell you what I messed up on a project, so that you can try something different.
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Quick ReUse Hints

Quick little ways, to reuse things around the house.
Do you have a tip to add? Email it to designbymckee@gmail.com & I'll add it & credit you!

From the Kitchen
broken coffee cup/mug - use it to hold scrub brushes, paint brushes, or anything else you keep near the sink.

From the Bathroom
old tooth brushes - save them to clean little things - jewelry, fingernails ... or put it in the kitchen, to clean inside bottles, sippy cups, or other things a regular scrub brush won't reach.

I will add more organization to these... sometime... ~

use cracked cups, as pouring cups in the bath, pool, or water table
attach rubber to the back of scratched CD’s to use as coasters. don’t cover hole & use spindle as holder.

cardboard boxes/cereal boxes ~
cover boxes in fabric, wrapping paper, brown paper bags, or just plain white paper (have kids decorate brown/white paper)
cut cereal boxes on an angle, cover with paper/fabric & use for magazine holder
glue/wrap 3 (cereal) together, to make an ‘in’ box or stacked paper organizer
cut cereal boxes in pieces, for organization in drawers

jars ~
label and use for pencils/pens/markers/crayons, kitchen utensils, silverware at a party/picnic
use baby jars/smaller jars for small items - buttons, sequins, screws, nails, spices, matches, bobby pins
use for holidays/birthdays to give cookie or soup mixes
make snow globes or glitter globes
make body scrubs, lotions, candles, bath salts/soaps and store in jars
attach lids to the bottom of shelves, for out of the way, cool looking storage

coffee/juice/formula/chocolate milk/oatmeal cans & containers ~
music shaker
general storage
store cords when not in use

paper sacks ~
costumes, painting paper, costumes, wrap cardboard boxes

plastic bags (grocery) ~
trash bags for small trash cans
doggy doo baggies

Ziplock bags ~
wash & reuse! as long as onions, raw meat, or something extremely messy was stored in it.

soap/shampoo bottles ~
rinse & use in bath or pool to fill & pour
refill small/travel size bottles for future use
refill small bottles with lotion, to carry in your purse/backpack

toilet paper/paper towel rolls ~
punch a hole in 1 end, cover in peanut butter, roll in bird seed and hang from a tree to feed birds

submitted my an anonymous reader
If you need another birdbath I can recommend mine--a discarded Dish Network dish.
It's large enough for several birds and has the virtue of being recycled.
When it freezes you just tip it over and bang it on the table to knock the
ice out, then refill.  Mine sits on a 15" rubber feed pan.